Maintaining a range of quality equipment is critical to our ability to deliver exceptional services.

From our inception we've been focused on attaining quality tools and resources, sourcing our machinery and vehicles from whichever corner of the globe is able to provide the most robust and reliable equipment.

We're all too well aware of how quickly faulty machinery can derail a project, which is why the maintenance of our resources remains a criticial focus point for our team. As a forward-thinking company we are continually looking for new innovations and ways to deliver an even better service to our clients, and are constantly upgrading our equipment and purchasing new machinery to reflect this.  We have a fully equiped workshop with experienced staff who are on hand to repair and maintain machinery.

Equipment Available:

  • Earth Moving Equipment

    From the diggers which turn the first stone to the graders and bulldozers which create a level finish, all the way to the dump trucks which move materials on and offsite, Burnside Contractors pride themselves on their quality machinery.


    • 2009 Hitachi ZX225
    • 2009 Hitachi ZX120-3
    • 2007 Hitachi ZX330LC-3
    • 2007 Komatsu PC200LC
    • 2007 Catapiller 320D
    • 2007 Hitachi ZX210K
    • 2007 Hitachi ZX160 excavator on wheels
    • 2007 Hitachi ZX200LC
    • 2006 Hitachi ZX350H
    • 2004 Hitachi ZX200LC
    • 2004 Hitachi ZX210LC
    • 2003 Sumitomo SH350HD-3
    • 1998 Hitachi EX120-3

    Wheel Loaders

    • 2008 Hitachi ZW150
    • 2006 Hitachi LX130-7
    • 2006 Hitachi LX50-7
    • 2005 Hitachi LX160
    • 1997 Hitachi LX80-2C
    • 1994 Komatsu WA350-03
    • 1992 Hitachi LX200

    Bull Dozer

    • Catapiller D6H, complete with root rake, rippers, fully automatic Trimble 3D GPS system with full auto function which is accurate up to +/- 20mm, we have ou own base station for this unit.


    • Caterpillar 140G

    Articulated dump trucks

    • 2005 Volvo A25D
    • 4 X 1995 Volvo A25C
    • 1995 Volvo A25a
    • 1994 Bell B25B


    • 2002 Kenworth T950
    • 2003 Nissan CW400 6X4
    • 2002 Nissan CW400 6X4
    • 1995 Foden S108
    • 1995 International

    Fuel Truck

    • 2003 Hino Fuel truck 4X4 (holds 5,000 litre capacity) so we are able to refuel our machinery on site

     Water Truck

    • 6X6 Bell (18,000 litres)
    • 1994 Isuzu (10,000 litres)
    • 1976 Ford (5,000 litres)
  • Demolition Equipment

    Ensuring your site is clear when you need it to be is a critical aspect in any project, and our reliable demolition equipment promises site delays will never be an issue when using Burnside Contractors.

    Refer to our earthmoving equipment for list of excavators and loaders

    Additional demolition attachments

    • 12 ton rock breakers
    • 20 ton hydraulic rock breakers
    • 20 ton and 30 ton concrete nibbler
    • 20 ton and 30 ton rippers
    • Sorting buckets
    • Hydraulic 360 degree rotation
    • Sorting grapples
  • Screening Equipment

    • Industiral Tub Grinder - Daimond Z can handle stumps and logs up to 30 tonne per hour, brush and yard waste up to 40 tonne per hour, pallets and construction waste up to 45 tonne per hour.
    • Hitachi HC2410 wood grinder on tracks
    • Finlay 683 tracked screen, can handle materials suc as sand and gravel, limestone, crushed stone, coal, topsoil and demolition waste.
  • Haulage & Transport Machinery

    With the scope to transport heavy machinery the length and breadth of the country we're committed to ensuring we meet your needs when it comes to haulage and heavy-machinery transportation.

    • 2005 Kenworth T604 tractor unit
    • 2006 MTE 3 rows of 8 widener transport trailer
    • 2 rows of 8 dolly (max payload 60 tonne)
    • Vaious Hi Lux vehicles setup for pilot use.

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